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Teachers of God

Teachers of God are out in worldwide service. They are helping individuals, groups and organizations of any diversity or variety to augment and facilitate the transformation of a temporal existence called “human being” to its own reality of whole eternal life.

It is possible, at last, for aggregates of humans to assemble for the sole purpose of undergoing the personal transformation of their individual identity to the realization of Universal Mind. Certainly Course in Miracles students far and wide are beginning their own “bright new realizations” of the Grace of God through the principles and practices of The Course.

Remember, Academy teachers will have absolutely no concerns about apparent human earthly restrictions of philosophy, psychology or religious doctrines; or professional, social or fraternal credentials of worldly pursuits or achievements of any kind. It is only to each completely personal individual transformation that any attention is given.

Resurrection of mind is not a perceptually reasonable analyzation or speculation about its possibility.

It is only the recognition of a single momentous occurrence. Indeed, the inevitability of the ending of this entire continuum is becoming more and more excitingly evident.

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