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The basic requirement of entrance to Endeavor Academy is an initial application of the ultimate discipline of immeasurable unqualified determination for the relinquishment of temporal perceptual self-identity.

This academy is dedicated to the certain truth that the mind of man and the destiny of Mankind, by its very nature, transcends the temporal observational situation of objectively self-constructed reality in and by which it delineates and defines itself and the world about it.

That the conceptual mind of a human being is a transitional point in space/time in an inevitable evolutionary conversion of noncreative thought that brings about a total reassociation and recognition of Identity that is the joy, peace, love and happiness of singular Universal Mind.

This Academy will foster, enhance, and verify in an open forum of continuing unlimited revisional transformative possibilities this inevitable evolutionary destiny.

You must have seen in a moment of sudden realization that there really is an alternative to this insane place of loss, loneliness and death entirely outside and beyond your own capabilities to reach.

This single event has remained unrecognizable in the conceptual continuity of preexistent thought form that constitutes your human condition and has persisted as an illusionary appearance of lengthy time.

Yet this instant of reconciliation was, and always has been, prescribed and predetermined in the totality of instantaneous recover that occurs at the moment of your apparent separation from eternal reality. You are finding yourself in this moment of entirety.