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About Endeavor Academy

Endeavor Academy is a private, non-profit religious vocational school established in October of 1992 under the auspices of the New Christian Church of Full Endeavor of Wisconsin. The intention of the Academy is to present its students with a broad curriculum that is transformational in its scope and purpose.

All true learning is a form of conversion or revelation. The Academy is dedicated to the imperative of the naturally revolutionary progressive return of man to his inherent Universal Mind. It is designed for the student who somewhere in that moment of revelation has had a glimpse of the complete alternative to the human condition that is God. The Academy is an intensive encounter with Singular Reality and is a forum for the complete transformation to enlightenment that is the inevitable destiny of mankind.

Spiritual transformation is catalyzed by a natural attraction to an experience of God. Like a spark fed into a fire by the wind, the desire for personal intimate communion with God is accelerated by the recognition and experience of the miracle. By whatever miraculous means the inquirer discovered this alternative, his attraction will direct him to a desire for a deeper experience. He will have several program options to choose from, depending upon the level of his spiritual commitment and his secular circumstances.

Our offering is all encompassing and is designed to include anyone at any stage in his spiritual awakening. Whether his final purpose is the ministry, a calling to the Church's religious order, or his own personal spiritual growth, students participate in a program that reflects all aspects of experiential religious rediscovery.

The Academy does not easily fit any individual model. The Academy combines the theological religious curriculum of a seminary, with the meditative, devotional and disciplinary nurturing of a religious order, including an emphasis on minimum worldly and material life-style. In conjunction with the Miracles Healing Center, the Academy is also a focus for spiritual retreats and introductions to the Church's teaching and worship.