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The Instructional Procedure of Endeavor Academy

We are trying to involve and evolve your mind in a process or method of thinking
that always expands and transcends its apparent objective possibilities.

This is a continuing practice that becomes spontaneous...
we call it being miracle minded.

It will cause dramatic demonstrations of your innate capacity to perfectly heal the disease
of objective self-identity through a simple nonresistant illuminate restructuring of mind.

You are invited to make a decision about yourself and your purpose for being in this world.

Many of us are dogged by a faint, yet growing louder and more distinctive fanfare
that is the herald of an intensely exciting somehow fearsome, yet familiar and
passionately desired and anticipated monumental happening.

A pervasively growing and expanding disruption in this time continuum.

Relentlessly shaking our temporal order and exposing a prophetic immediacy
of an absolutely inevitable destiny.

It is revealing a paramount certainty of eternal life that has nothing at all to do with time or death.