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Listen, this world.

Listen to this Call…

All of you out there, wherever or whenever you think you are,
you are invited to this gathering.
This is a celebration of the homecoming of the teachers of God.
You are one of us as we are one together.
We invite you to the miraculous advent of the reunion
of your mind with the Mind of God.

You've come a long way;
you are very much closer to the end of time than you realize.
Now is it time at last to free yourself from this chaotic world
of loneliness and loss and pain and death.
A world constructed by your own nightmare of self-identity.
It was only a meaningless place that justified your continuing need
of self-sacrifice and annihilation.
You have been using it in order to verify and sustain your apparent existence,
and now at last it has become intolerable to you.

Come then, be freed of this burden of fear and self-doubt
that you thought was a necessary and inescapable part of your existence.
Come and free yourself that the world may be free.
Come now to this celebration, you who are heavy-laden.
We invite you to experience the incomparable healing energies of love
emanating from this ever-expanding circle of atonement.
It is formed with teachers of God through their uncompromising commitment to
and recognition of the miraculous, spontaneous transformation and
illumination of their individual minds and bodies.

Listen carefully.
Stay watchful for the love that is all about you.
Come and lay aside the grievances of your old pitifully fearful helpless self.
You are entering into a brand new yet very ancient
rapidly accelerating continuum of time,
in which you will recognize yourself as a perfect creation of God.

It's important to remember as you enter this new continuum,
that it is totally impossible for you to meet a stranger, anywhere or anytime.
The celebrants at this end of time gathering,
who are sharing the continuing experience of the grace of God,
are at last only subjects in the drama of your own ongoing temporal reality.
You know every celebrant here and you know them well, for indeed,
in whatever form they may appear, they retain for you
every loving thought and deed that you have shared since time began.
All of them are the vital images contained in the miracle
of your own personal rebirth and resurrection.

Remember, too, this old world of desolation and separation
that you have heretofore shared with them;
all of these fanciful images in your mutual memories of death
that emanated from your momentary incursion into this world
are all over and gone and, in fact, were all over and gone a very long time ago.
They are only the history of a mistake long since passed away and forgotten.
Release them from the bondage of time and space
that has been fearfully fantasized by your own meaningless temporal identity.
Watch them spring to light with you
as you fulfill the inevitable revolutionary metamorphosis
of your own human identity
to the singular universal mind of eternal creating reality.

Welcome back, then, from a journey that went nowhere
and in reality took no time at all.
For in truth, you have never left your home in Heaven.
Enter graciously into this borderland between time and eternity
with forgiveness and love in your heart,
that you may experience the miraculous certainty that
you are still only and have always been
the perfect eternal joy and happiness that is the creating Mind of God.

See then, the light that is all about you.
See then, the joy of these teachers as they declare to you
that you are perfect as God created you.

Welcome, welcome all.