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Description of Classes

This is a Teachers of God Academy.
The entire purpose of its curriculum is to facilitate and accelerate the
transformation of the individual student's personal perceptual self-identity
to the loving realization of Universal Mind.

Consider this list as part of an ever-expanding curriculum.


Art Experience

Transform your identity as artist or non-artist through full spontaneous creative expression. Experience a new spirituality in a color-and-form context. Weekly workshops will use multimedia to heighten awareness of your expression, which is creative self; a perfect demonstration of wholeness.

Art In Service

Join in art projects and service by extending your light and beauty in this forum for the on-going extension of your creative self called the Academy.

From the Bison Hunt to Kandinski

The archetypal memory that is the Masterpiece. Religious art as a transformative icon. A recognition of our wondrous single identity brought about by the heightened awareness of creative self-expression through the mutual occurrence of a transforming visual experience. Bring your canvas, your palette, your brush and yourself.


The Transforming Art of Dance

Dance as an enlightening vehicle. Gurdjieff, the Dancing Master, the resolution and release of spatial confrontation. From White Cloud to the dervish. Along with Baryshnikov, Fred and Ginger, Michael Jackson, and all the rest. The spontaneous demonstrations of release from bondage. Getting into the act with taps and slippers.

The Transforming Art of Theatre

Re-enacting the timeless drama (hate to love/war to peace/ death to eternal happiness). Standing on the stage of life. The shift of purpose of the characters in your production. Writing a new script. The joyful practice of continuing positive improvisation. The final act, A Step Out of Time.


Academy Chorus

What is Heaven but a song of gratitude, love, and praise by everything created, to the Source of its creation? This workshop uses the transformative art of vocal expression as a means to the incomparable joy of true communication in God.

The Transforming Art of Music

The creative communication of song. Pythagoras and the heavenly sound. The ancient melody of perfect peace. Sharing the composition of genius – Mozart, Beethoven, Ellington, Gershwin, et al. Laboratories of instrumentation and voice.


Great Rhyme and Reason: Sharing the Transforming Passion of Poetic Mind

Including Rumi, Lao Tzu, Shakespeare, Kabir, Blake, Rilke and Whitman; along with the Psalms of David, Aurobindo's "Savitri," and the prose poetry of Emerson's essays. Also, sharing the student's personal creative expressions.


The Laws of God, The Laws of Man

A comprehensive look at perceptual law to reach the Light of Truth and to allow for an all encompassing shift from perception to direct experience of God's Laws. Are we guilty of everything or are we sinless? Is law the answer? Contemplation of the factors of judgment, prosecution, defense, precedence, guilt and punishment, opinions, quid pro quo, choice, authority, enforcement and time. Human law and God's Laws: never the twain to meet, and only one is real.

Philosphia, Speculation and A Course In Miracles

A primer of Ancient to modern philosophers. Revelations about their personal experiences of Awakening, forcing a reexamination of their basic belief systems and their ongoing exploration for God. From Plato to Plotinus, and up to present day philosophers, each will be "re-viewed" in the context of A Course In Miracles.

The Religious Philosophy of Subjective Reality

A comparison of the singular awakened mind. The existential philosophies of Sartre, Kant, Hegel, Schopenhauer, Kierkegaard and others, in the light of axioms from A Course in Miracles.

Divine Power of Reason

The transformation of mind through the dialectic process. Includes the philosophy of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, the neo- Platonism of Plotinus, reaching to the "heretical" singular teachings of Giordano Bruno and the Workbook of A Course in Miracles. Also includes peripatetic encounter, confrontation and exchange.


From Time to Eternity (How the Miracle Works)

From Newtonian objectivity to quantum subjectivity.

The manner of miracles. The reversal of temporal order. Living in the eternal now through the release of sequential thought; the continuity of perceptual thought that is the holographic universe. The unified force field that is the Holy Spirit.


The Physiology of the Enlightening Mind: Quantum Healing

A study of the association of the endocrine system with the process of healing and transformation. Examining recent research in the reversal of the aging process (body measurement of time) and spontaneous remission through the activation of hormonal secretion. A comparative study of the regeneration and enlightenment of the whole body as described in the ancient Hindu system of chakras and the Biblical Book of Revelation as the physical resurrection.

The Catechism of Spiritual Healing

Echoes of the Voice of God, the Healing Touch of God's Grace. Models of physical healing through spirit: Jesus Christ, Mary Baker Eddy, Kathryn Kuhlman and John of God.

The Unreality of Physical Perception

The body's eyes do not see. The body's brain does not think. The (on-going) journey without distance to the place you've never left through the activation and release of inner light. This course focuses on the application of perception's new purpose of forgiveness in facilitating the undoing of the human conceptual mind and the consequent remembering of Subjective Reality as our natural inheritance.


The Inner Journey of Ultra-Personal Psychology

From the interpersonal to the intrapersonal. From blame to responsibility, from past to present, from self-construction to Self-recognition, using the Workbook of A Course in Miracles. From Freud's discovery of the "unconscious" to Jung's revelation of the "collective unconscious," to Grof 's recognition of "spiritual emergence." An examination of the insanity of the entire human condition, and of the futility of using special relationships of love and hate to hide from the Truth of God's Love.

The Extension of Unconditional Love:
The Direct Application of Miracle Healing and Body Transfiguration

Application of the Text, Workbook, and Teacher's Manual of A Course in Miracles, as well as Psychotherapy: Purpose, Process and Practice, to the art and science of healing through the energy of forgiveness and non-judgment. How to convert the ideas of sickness and death that dominate the human selfconception.

Twelve Steps to Enlightenment (How it Really Works):
A Course in Miracles and the Twelve-Step Program

Standing at the final turning point. The inevitable graciousness of abject surrender. Overcoming the inherent resentment and grievance of the human conditional mind. Living each instant as a Holy Instant. Realizing the incalculable magnitude of full recovery. The Miracle Worker, the transforming capacity of your transformed mind.


Introduction to the Endeavor Academy Experience

This introductory session provides information regarding the singular purpose of the Academy. It is part of a core of sessions for the new student to assist him with his individual full endeavor in entering into his transformation in this Christ Light.

A Voice from Heaven, A Course in Miracles

Including a history of the arrival of the Course, and a study of the fundamental catechism of enlightenment contained in the Text. A chapter by chapter study.

Jesus Speaks

A detailed study and comparison of the teachings of the historic Jesus of Nazareth in the New Testament with the scripture in the modern text of A Course In Miracles.

ACIM Workbook 101: Application & Experience

A highly focused and directed "free-for-all" demonstrating the immediate and dramatic miraculous possibilities of transformation through the first fifty lessons of A Course in Miracles.

ACIM Workbook 301: Teaching the Teachers

Examination. Explanation. Participation. Transformation. Realization. Further advanced practice in transformation and healing through A Course in Miracles.

Do's and Don'ts from A Course In Miracles

Specific instructions from A Course In Miracles as to what one needs to do and not do in immediate experience in order to expedite transformation. This course simplifies this teaching by the elimination of excessive explanation. It "cuts to the quick" of what one needs to remember in the process of "undoing."

Sharing the Illuminate Paths of the Eastern Masters

The gateway of the Upanishads. The incredible lucidity of Shankara. The tradition of Advaita Vedanta. Sri Ramana Maharshi and the true realization of Samadhi. Avadhuta Gita (A Song of the Free). Awakening the divine power (Devatma Shakti). Including the great bridge builders Meher Baba and Sri Aurobindo.

Sharing the Enlightenment of the Western Masters

Expressing the revelation of the paradigm of Singularity. The challenge to established Christianity in the great German masters, Eckhart and Luther; the personal ordeal of modern mystics Merton, Teilhard de Chardin and Joel Goldsmith.

Teaching Assignment

To teach is to demonstrate. "I give only to myself " is learned through the teaching of it. The hands-on application of taking your new "miracle mind" out for a test drive. For the new student-teacher as well as the advanced. Academy, local, national and international placements.

Foreign Language Translation

The joy of translating miracle booklets, teaching videos and audiotapes into one's own language for a deeper experience of release through the use of genetic memory.

Inter-Campus Studies

Endeavor Academy Wisconsin has an exchange program with its sister campus' around the world.

Introduction to the Miracle Healing Experience

The introduction of the idea of healing as corrected perception through an experiential discovery. The class focuses on the psychological application of the central theme of the Course that "what I see reflects ideas in my mind."

Independent Study Project

Student will work with faculty advisor for independent study projects that will enhance goals of overall curriculum.

Miracles Healing Center Internship

This course is a practicum of hands-on healing. Under supervision, students step forward and lead teaching intensives, answer requests for healing from visitors and phone callers, lead prayers and preside over vesper services. Students become practicing examples of the power of forgiveness to heal physical bodies and to transform hatred into joy and onto an understanding of the Love we share with Eternal Life.