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The Natural Process of Miraculous Healing

All of your memories of conceptual self are only the static isolated accumulation of momentary forms of noncreative light energy. This world, despite your temporal inventions of objective spatial associations, was over a long time ago. You continue to people your own isolation with images of sickness, pain and death that are all only old, on-going, projected memories of the drama of your own meaningless existence. Each moment they can but disappear into the nothingness of the great amnesia that is the structural continuum of your own mind.

When the eternal love of God threatens your necessity for existence, you call on these characters of conflict to verify your own fearful defense. Yet this body that you think you inhabit is only your own chromosomal memory formulation that at any single moment is totally nonexistent and unreal. The continuum of space/time it occupies is only a momentary structure of accumulative, projected thought patterns.

The astonishing truth of the matter is that at no single moment does your body exist at all.
There is nothing at all solid or constant about it.

  • Ninety-eight percent of the atoms in your body were not there a year ago.
  • The skeleton that to you seems so solid was not there three months ago.
  • The configuration of the bone cells only seems constant; atoms of all kinds pass freely back
    and forth through the cell walls, and you acquire a new skeleton every three months.
  • Your skin is all new every month. You have a new stomach lining every four days.
  • The actual surface cells that contact food are renewed every five minutes.
  • The cells in your liver turn over slowly, but new atoms flow through them,
    like water in a river course, making a new liver every six weeks.
  • The content of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen in your brain cells is totally different today
    from a year ago.

All of these body cells are continually demonstrating their universal rejuvenating capacity; but, you insist on functioning as a static non-creative retention (you call it, "my body") of an objective aggregation of mechanical specialization.

It is impossible to see the bright new world that surrounds you as long as you are hell-bent on retaining and defending your own historic genetic establishment. It became (in spatial terms) a massive retention of potential light energy compacted to an incredible density. This is you as a black hole. Aah but here too, at this point occurs the great reversal. The quasar of your reunion follows in a Holy Instant.

Remember that every single cell in your body is a complete enfoldment of the Universal Reality of the entire cosmos. This continuity of body time is not sequential. It need not suffer the conflict of sequential memory that requires a continuing direction of separation to retain its linearity unless you demand that it do so. Every organ in your body, produced and stereotyped in the exclusive specialized redundancy of your genetic self-replication, longs for the freedom of your ultimate experience.

See now how simply you can evolve a continually resurrecting body association by staying in the constant moment of your reunion with the eternally creating Mind of God. It is occurring spontaneously each moment. It is the only way to heal and be healed.

How lovingly the contraptual memories of your self-conceived 'physical body mind identity' and the chaotic projected illusions of form that surround it respond to this miraculous healing process that is the extension of your newly illuminated mind.