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The Universe

Singular Reality versus Relative Objectivity

"I shall never believe that God plays dice with the world."

Sorry Albert!

God as you conceive of him does indeed roll dice!

The idea that God or Truth or unqualified Wholeness would in any way
require order or discipline is simply unreasonable and not true.
Nothing could ever be, ultimately, more chaotic to you than God's Will.

God's Will has no intention nor is it in any way structured. Eternal creating mind is not a utilization of alternative potential. "Aah, but Professor Einstein, your mind is."

It operates entirely on the premise of inherent and inevitable separation of your mind as causation, and the subsequent determinable result or effect.

Your true theory of relativity, that is, apparent reality without constancy of antecedenal space/time reference, still remains but a form of coherent objectivity and is not relieved the responsibility of separate determinism.

"So it's still your will Albert, retentive and expectant." The separation of cause and effect is what "predictability is."

It's always only the "possibility of alternative event." Obviously then, the closest your conceptual self-identity mind can get to creative thought must be the notion of statistical possibility or chance.

Eternal creation admits to no antecedental causation. It is, and has always been, only 'eternally extending' because eternal extension is 'what it is.' So, your human temporal consciousness must finally arrive at the inevitable, though perhaps not acceptable, conclusion that the whole universe is random. And indeed, from any objective referential point of view whatsoever, it is.

Statistical possibility has no real chance against immediate inevitability.
Your eventual loss is guaranteed because you play the game.
Your death is assured by the possibility of it.

You've only been wagering against yourself.

You play the game of death and suffer the loss of your own meager nothingness.
But in truth, loss of any kind is impossible.
There is no such thing as loss.

If you could lose, so would everybody, including God.
When you win, everybody wins because you are everybody and everybody is you.
Yes, God too!

So there you have it Professor, you can apparently suffer a conceptually
separate identity but you cannot make it real because it is not
a whole part of the eternally creating Mind of God.