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A Spiritual Teachers Notebook

Contrary to what limited perceptual mind believes, there is nothing abstract about enlightened mind. Whole mind is in no way representational. It does not have thoughts but rather is the thought. It is exactly what it says. An enlightened human mind is momentarily an embodiment of reality. We are trying to teach you through continuing miraculous occurrences that by not supporting relationalship associations of your projected imagery, the image will become whole and all inclusive unto itself. The very highest form of enlightened thought is A Course in Miracles. While by necessity written in a perceptual mode, it is an incredible assertion of inclusive immediacy. It is itself a totality rather than a statement of the possibility of wholeness.

You will be free when you realize that total truth, which is what God is,
is absolutely nonjudgmental, and in fact, could never have the capacity to judge,
or in reality, any capacities at all except to create you perfectly.

To many of you now in this accelerated program of awakening, the continuing observation that not a single human being on earth really knows what it is, where it is, where it came from, or where it is going and nothing at all about itself in relationship to the universe that is apparently all around it, is becoming more and more intolerable.

Testing the Spirit

You must face your fear of an uncompromising spiritual commitment. You must finally deal with the inevitable disbelief, derision, denial and attack that eventually confront your uncompromising assertion of the impossibility of death. When you feel the incredible freedom of an unqualified commitment to a Single Truth, you'll laugh at the absurd self-constructed obstacles that have kept you from enlightenment.

Facing Your Dilemma

Let's look at A Course in Miracles as an effect of supra-consciousness. That is, with Jesus Christ as its true Causation. The acceptance or admission that A Course in Miracles originated from an absolutely unearthly source, while it appears simple, is the single most difficult barrier to enlightenment the immature consciousness faces. No matter how overwhelmingly predominate the evidence both in method of origination and in content that this is indeed so, the assertion is finally inevitably an act of faith. You must remember that human conceptual consciousness is explicitly formulated in a self-perpetuating structure of thought that denies singularity. Nothing could be more devastating to the dualistic mind construct, that is limited perceptual reality, than the realization that A Course in Miracles is indeed not of this world but actually Truth speaking to falsity.

In other words, God-man speaking to man!

Some thoughts about Love, Truth, Universal Consciousness,
Space-Time, Subjective Reality, Transformation, God and You

Eternity is reached by a dissociation from time. Time is nothing more than the conceptual distance between cause and effect. Coming from time to eternity then is only the practice of bringing cause and effect together.

The Workbook of A Course in Miracles provides uncompromising discipline in the technique of disassociational thinking, to bring about a literal transformation of your perceptual mind. It is a passionate assertion of the insanity of conceptual thought, which is what the earth is, in its denial of a single whole truth (or God).

What the so-called human mind cannot tolerate is the final simplicity of an indifferent god.
Simplicity is an effrontery to self-conception. Here the statement stands in all its stark reality:

“God knows not of the Earth”

Your attention to temporalness and obliviation are simply impossible and do not exist.

It must be understood that when we speak of “Guilt” we are speaking of it in its absolutely
inevitable sense, not of guilt in the sense of regret or wrong or the committing of sinful acts.

The human mind suffers from the guilt of associated ideas.
Perceptual mind is inevitably guilty of the responsibility for itself.

Guilt is only and totally the assumption of the responsibility of separate human identity
through conceptual thought, or as Jesus says, “an attempt to usurp the Kingdom of God.”

It's imperative to remember that A Course in Miracles is a direct communication from God through Jesus Christ indicating the apparent conditional situation between God and man which is one of false separation, and to the manner in which that apparent schism is and was repaired. Its sole purpose is to bring enlightenment through the transformation of your mind.

It is a very high honor for a cadet at the Masters Academy to participate in the ceremony of self-divestment. It is an acknowledgment of the completion of the metamorphic ordeal of the transformation of the limited symbiotic relationship that constituted the previous organism. To the Cadet Graduate, the stripping of the accumulative credentials and vestiges of authority is a glorious happening. A high honor indeed!

The caption “Entitled to Serve” is embossed on the newly brightened consciousness association. His self-identified body, designed as a temporal function of attack and defense in the chaos of sequential space/time, has been transformed to an integrated device. He is ready for his assignment. How contrary this is to an Earthling's sense of reality. Being a divisionally associated manifestation, he is humiliated and finally annihilated by loss of authoritative self-identity.

How ridiculous that the alternative to aging and disease is annihilation or death. Has it ever occurred
to you that the only way you finally escape disease is through becoming completely diseased?

Does choosing death to escape self-inflicted disease and pain still seem reasonable to you?
Or is it that you do not believe that you do this but to yourself?

During the revolution of consciousness that is going on in you the
whole idea of death or annihilation will become completely absurd.

This will make you very happy.

You will see how ludicrous the notion that you as a living, creating
being of Reality could actually become aged, deteriorate and die.

What a flimsy excuse are the affairs of man as a denial of eternity.
If sin is real, it is unpardonable.
How strange that you finally cannot forgive God because of His unqualified forgiveness of you.
The teaching through an unqualified assertion of an awakened mind that you are perfect
as God created you must finally be inexcusable and unacceptable to mortal mind.
But the use of God as an excuse for your earth sojourn is so unreasonable
that it must finally become intolerable.
If God really created the earth, it was a dastardly act for which there can be no excuse.

While he is never able to articulate it fully, Kierkegaard is in vehement opposition to Hegel because he intuits that Hegel's authenticity of self consciousness (existentialism) inevitably dissipates to dualistic anarchy, as a false alternative to the reality of the singular anarchy that is Man and God (transcendent existentialism).

Giordano Bruno has no such problem with the Aristotelian Peripatetics. He annihilates their illogical dualistic determinations with a singular resolution and divine irony that emanates from a transcendent certainty of mind.

Oh Shut Up!

As you accelerate this miraculous process of perfectly singular creative regeneration, you feel the boundless joy and freedom from the bondage of what was your apparent existence in a totally meaningless self-replicating objective space/time continuum.

You are beginning to communicate!

You are becoming a communicator!

The reasonable conclusion that conceptual thought is inherently conflictual, and that defining truth is denying truth, is simply the highest reach of the dialectic process. This is the conclusion of necessity to the awakening mind. It now can make a choice to stop denying its source of wholeness by refusing to give credence to its perceptual associations.

More Thoughts From the Mind of Master Teacher

How Amazing

The very simple reason a human being has trouble finding God is that he's everywhere! You're looking for him somewhere only because you think you are somewhere. God is not some (any) where that you can find him. He is everywhere that you are. He is the mind with which you think.

Because you believe you are somewhere, you must believe that God is somewhere else or God would be in your herewhere. Since God (the creator of the universe) must be by definition everywhere, your herewhere must be included in his some (any) where. What in hell are you worried about?!

“Strange but True”

We cannot finally show you what life and love are but only what they are not. You proclaim your need for love, yet is love not a necessity but a reality. Need will always be for more than love, which is what everything is. Need is not lack of love, but really lack of more hate and isolation. How would the miracle be possible if there were a real alternative to it? All healing is miraculous.

Definition of a Human Being

An unreal condition of temporal cause and effect association that frightens itself to apparent obliteration as an alternative to an uncompromising admission and subsequent recognition of a singular, altruistic, totally loving, eternally creating Universal Mind.

Many of us have discovered that being scared to death, to really accept and admit the uncompromising simplicity of what A Course in Miracles teaches, is a perfectly natural and necessary beginning of the metamorphosis of selfawareness. As the transformation to whole mind progresses, we discover in happy amazement that we've really been dead all along and are only being “frightened to life.” For indeed it was death that we treasured and life that we feared.

Any judgment to determine the whole truth is always only ultimately a devaluation of the judgmental process. Since all judgment is false, the necessary use of it to arrive at true perception includes the relinquishment of the judgmental process through the continuing admission of total ignorance. Jesus Christ's A Course in Miracles is divinely devastating in its assertion of the falsity of its own communicative devices and to the necessity for inclusion of previously disconnected ideas of the mind brought to harmony through unqualified forgiveness, that is non-judgment and unconditional love. The result must be in-depth connections of previously intentionally alienated thought forms that lead to the incredible experience of illuminate mind.

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