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An Occurence of Miraculous Correspondence

We have been revolutionized to a spontaneously creative self-identity
through the power of singular Universal Reality

It is always initially astonishing to a newly awakened Teacher of God to discover
that the manner in which he thinks has undergone a radical transformation.

His former limited consciousness construct finally had nothing to do with the complete exposé.
He stands naked with his own certainty.

He has lost the capacity for specific comparison.

The wholeness of his thinking inevitably makes the objective rationale of limited
consciousness seem absurd.

He is thrust into the position of seeing that his former value system, based on specific
conclusions arrived at by comparison and analysis, has no validity or even reality.

He finds himself in an illogical, unreasonable place.

He must now deal with his absolute unqualified certainty that this objectively
constructed world is totally meaningless, except to the necessity of bringing about
the revelation that established his own transcending consciousness.

Our love for you is unconditional.

Unconditional Love is not a state of Universal Consciousness, but rather what consciousness itself is.
It must be then, since you are conscious, that even though you pretend not to know who you are,
that what you are is what Total Love or Truth or God is. No matter how much you protest,
there is finally, simply nothing else.

As Awakened Teachers, we love you totally. Very simply because the parts about you that you think of
as unlovable have absolutely no meaning to us. We understand that you continue to think they do.

In our process of Awakening, we have all been shown individually and often graphically, dramatically, and sometimes catastrophically, the total unreality of separate individual human minds on earth.

In other words, we have come to know who we really are and that there is no world.