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Now that You’ve Raised the Question

About Heaven

The reason a human being is denied access to Heaven is simply because there are no qualifications to be there. He remains in hell because of his own conditional existence. He is, in fact, what hell is. He denies Heaven through his own self-determination. But, in fact, he has never left. Anything not in Heaven is not real and does not exist. That’s just the way it is, and you have nothing to say about it. Be glad. There is no life outside of Heaven.

The reason the Pope is infallible is - when he says or does apparently foolish things God takes no notice. So neither, as the Son of God and His Brother, should you! He is perfect, notwithstanding your unreasonable judgment of him.

What a joyous prospect, Dr. Ken Wapnick, who was an indispensable agent in the perceptual organization and presentation of the divine curriculum that is A Course in Miracles, must now, forthwith and continually, dispense with his own self-agency. This as the momentary prerequisite that spontaneously facilitates the miraculous healing experience of his own mind as the cause of the illusion of separation, isolation, chaos and death that is this world. Way to go Ken! Savior of the World! “We’re with ya!”

The only thing you can possibly misunderstand is yourself
and you do that with malice and forethought.

What could be more self-maligning than a complete genealogy
tracing your ancestral heritage to Adam.

How strange that the final anomaly in all so-called scientific thought is
always the thinker. The problem with coming to know the Truth is not
so much that you are the deny-er of it, but rather the denial itself.

The only lesson you need ever realize is that it’s impossible
to think separately from what you are.

News Bulletin

There’s wonderful news from the “Let’s All Practice Forgiveness” Group of A Course in Miracles in Selroy, California. The group leader, Ms. Margarette L. L. Thurston II, reports that at their last regular meeting a member successfully, and much to the delightful astonishment of all, whistled La Marseillaise out of a portion of his rear anatomy. Group members, George and Alma Finstly, pledged to “really get out there and ‘Forgive’ in earnest this week.” He’s a bass and she's an alto. They are determined to form a trio and whistle “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” by Christmas.

Good Luck Miracle Workers!

How ridiculous the adage: “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
Nonsense - what would absolute power corrupt? Itself?

Notice to Provincials: You are in transit.
Nothing comes from this place,
because nothing comes from nothing.

The whole civilization of man is just an oil slick on the King’s Highway.
What is a black hole to earth astronomers is actually a leak in the crank case
of an old cosmic communicator's ’36 Studebaker.